Christine Hogarth
Etobicoke - Lakeshore
October 12, 2017

​"​Kathleen Wynne and her insider friends are at it again. ​This time it’s a Liberal-connected,​ US-style Super PAC trying to re-open a debate about abortion and distort Patrick Brown’s record. ​"​We always knew that taking down a scandal plagued party would get ugly. ​While Kathleen Wynne and her friends talk about abortion, we'll be talking about creating good jobs, relief for beleaguered middle-class families, and closing...
October 06, 2017

“I congratulate Donna Skelly on her nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Flamborough-Glanbrook. “Donna brings a wealth of experience to our Ontario PC team. She currently sits as a local city councillor where she is becoming known for holding council to account on waste. Her dedication to her community has been recognized as the Hamilton Woman of the Year by the YWCA. Donna worked in the broadcast industry for 30 years whe...
October 05, 2017

“Today at sundown our Jewish friends and neighbours all across Ontario celebrate Sukkot—the Feast of Booths. “Historically, Sukkot has been both a time to celebrate the gathering of a bountiful harvest as well as a time to commemorate the experience of the Exodus out of Egypt. “Throughout this eight-day holiday, traditional meals are eaten in a sukkah—the temporary shelters built for farmers during the harvest&...
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