Christine Hogarth
Etobicoke - Lakeshore
Meet Christine

Christine Hogarth was raised in a home where she was taught the value of hard work and the importance of public service.

You only have to look at her track record to know she will be a powerful, passionate and influential voice for the people of Etobicoke-Lakeshore.

After earning a degree in Political Science and Public Administration, Christine went on to a career in public service where she learned how to make positive change happen. She has worked in senior positions for a Cabinet Minister, two Ontario Premiers and the Leader of the Official Opposition. She was also the PC Party’s first female Executive Director and held two elected positions on the Party Executive. Outside government, she has worked for the Toronto Board of Trade and Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

Christine is currently heavily invested in the community, serving as Executive Assistant to a city councillor representing EtobicokeShe is also President of her local Homeowner's Association Board of Directors, giving her unique insights into local issues of concern.

Christine resides in Etobicoke-Lakeshore with her husband, Paul, and their two rescue pets, Edward and Mr. Bruce.

Contact Christine:


Cell: 647-549-7235

Facebook: ChristineHogarthPC

Twitter: CHogarthPC



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